Partnerships for Improvement

Improvement partnership networks offer established mechanisms for change, including access to interested health care providers, dedicated staff, and financial support. As a result, they can greatly facilitate Bright Futures implementation. Below are descriptions of some existing improvement partnership networks.

Chapter Al​​​liance for Quality Improvement and Chapter Quality Network​

As a provider of QI programs that meet the American Board of Pediatrics MOC requirements, the AAP developed the CQN, a program of the CAQI, to invest in the valuable and unique structure offered by AAP chapters to support pediatricians' efforts toward embedding QI into their everyday practice of medicine. The CQN provides chapters with the direct support they need to lead a QI effort. The CQN works at the practice, state, and national levels to build a network of AAP chapters and enhances their ability to lead QI collaboratives that achieve measurable improvements in the health outcomes of children.

Visit the CQN Web site for QI downloadable resources including A Resource Guide for Chapters: Building Local Capacity for Improvement, AAP policy statements, and other materials.

National Improvement Partnership Network

NIPN is a network of more than 20 states that have developed improvement partnerships to advance quality and transform health care for children and their families. An improvement partnership is a durable state or regional collaboration of public and private partners that uses the science of QI and a systems approach to changing health care infrastructure and practice. Vermont's improvement partnership, the Vermont Child Health Improvement Program (VCHIP), provides leadership to NIPN. NIPN offers an information sheet and guide to developing an improvement partnership program.

The following resources can support states' initial work in mobilizing potential partners and establishing the basic components of an improvement partnership:

For more information, visit the NIPN Web site and download the article The National Improvement Partnership Network: State-Based Partnerships That Improve Primary Care Quality.

See the Quality Improvement section of this Web site for more information about QI partnerships.