New York

 How New York is implementing Bright Futures


Partnerships: The New York State Department of Health (DOH) is leading the implementation of the Bright Futures Guidelines and has worked with a number of state partners to ensure that Bright Futures is the primary resource for preventive services and health care supervision.

DOH began by working with the state's Medicaid office to infuse Bright Futures into the Medicaid provider handbook. Specifically, the handbook includes the Bright Futures/AAP Periodicity Schedule, which DHS updates to match any changes made by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Next, DOH shared the Bright Futures Guidelines with other state agencies, demonstrating their relevance to the agencies' work and generally increasing awareness of Bright Futures. For instance, DOH worked with the New York State Education Department to make Bright Futures the model for health care services in schools and provided the recommendations as a resource to social service agencies working with children in foster care. DOH also shared the Bright Futures Guidelines with the Office of Mental Health for use with children and youth with emotional health issues. The use of Bright Futures across these agencies allows state programs to communicate using a common language.

New York Chapters have worked with individual insurance providers to explain the importance of Bright Futures recommended services such as immunizations in sustaining child health and to ensure providers in their regions receive insurance payments for services recommended by Bright Futures.

Learning collaboratives: DOH has a strong relationship with the New York AAP District Office and has been involved with quality improvement initiatives for pediatric health care providers. For instance, DOH and AAP have launched several learning collaboratives that focus on aspects of the Bright Futures Guidelines and build on the concept of the medical home. These learning collaboratives typically last between 9 and 12 months. County health departments have involved providers in local initiatives to implement Bright Futures recommendations. DOH hopes to increase its capacity to launch future regional learning collaboratives.


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