How Delaware is implementing Bright Futures

Training: The Delaware Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics is engaged in an initiative that encourages pediatric care providers to perform developmental screening on children from birth to age 8. Funded through a contract awarded by the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) in 2012, the initiative provides one-on-one training to pediatricians and family practitioners in the use of the Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS) tool. PEDS is an evidence-based screen that complies with Bright Futures Guidelines on developmental screening and is unique in that it is available for parents and families to complete and automatically submit screening forms before a scheduled visit. The initiative offers subscription to the PEDS tool at no cost to participating providers and has trained more than 20 practices in the tool's use.

Increasing awareness: The chapter has worked with DPH to increase awareness of oral health for families with young children, specifically those families that may be unaware that children younger than 3 can go to the dentist. This initiative provides pediatricians with information on oral health, a list of pediatric dentists in the state, and a 4-question survey that can be shared with families during a well-child visit. An identical survey in the form of a postcard is sent to the family following the visit; families can anonymously complete the survey and send it back to the chapter. From this survey, the chapter can identify changes in family behavior that result from the information shared during the well-child visit.


Delaware AAP Chapter

For more information about maternal and child health activities in your state, visit the Health Resources and Services Administration's Web site to find local contact information for the Maternal and Child Health and Children With Special Health Care Needs representatives.