Quality Improvement

Pediatric_physicians_VEER.jpgThis section of the Web site provides information, tools, and links to networks and resources for practitioners wishing to participate in quality improvement (QI) efforts. The information can be used at the practice level to address desired health outcomes of importance to the children and families in a particular practice, health care system, community, or state.

See the States and Communities section of this Web site for examples of statewide QI initiatives.

Medical Home and QI Resources

Bright Futures is the health promotion/disease prevention part of the medical home. And at the heart of the medical home is the relationship between the clinician and the family or youth.

The AAP National Resource Center for Patient/Family-Centered Medical Home clearly explains elements of QI and provides tools and strategies to evaluate physician performance and the patient/family perspective regarding the quality of care. The Medical Home Video Series​ features several informative videos about QI and the medical home: