QI Training Resources

​​​Education in Quality Improvement for Pediatric Practice

116609111.jpgThe AAP offers numerous high-quality QI courses through Education in Quality Improvement for Pediatric Practice (EQIPP) online learning. These courses are now offered as an AAP member benefit. Courses are consistent with the Bright Futures aim of improving preventive pediatric care. EQIPP courses can be used to earn MOC/continuing medical education credit. Pediatrician Performance in Practice (Part 4) of Maintenance of Certification​ requires that pediatricians demonstrate competence in systematic measurement and improvement in patient care as approved by the American Board of Pediatrics.

EQIPP courses are updated regularly, so check the EQIPP Web site frequently to access the most current courses. Those courses most closely related to and consistent with Bright Futures are highlighted below.


The Bright Futures - Middle Childhood and Adolescence EQIPP course is currently being developed and will be consistent with the Bright Futures/AAP Periodicity Schedule. The updated Bright Futures EQIPP course will help practitioners create an improvement plan to address gaps in preventive care as outlined by Bright Futures Guidelines. The online course will provide instructions on how to use baseline practice measurements to identify opportunities to implement Bright Futures priorities through the Model for Improvement methodology and to test changes using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles. Availability of the new Bright Futures EQIPP course will be posted on this Web site, and an announcement will be sent to all Bright Futures eNews subscribers. Sign up for the Bright Futures eNews today!

EQIPP Courses

QI Basics. This course presents fundamental QI principles and concepts. It introduces the Model for Improvement, a systematic framework for improving patient care used in all EQIPP courses. It is a prerequisite for all EQIPP courses and is included as an added benefit with any EQIPP course registration.

Bright Futures - Infancy and Early Childhood. This course helps you implement the Bright Futures: Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children, and Adolescents into everyday practice. These activities acquaint you the importance of the Bright Futures health supervision recommendations and assist in prioritizing the Infancy and Early Childhood visits. The course will be available until September 28, 2019 at EQIPP.

Growth Surveillance and Linear Growth Failure. This course helps you create plans to address gaps identified in key activities of clinical care related to growth surveillance and the identification of children with linear growth failure. These activities focus on improving ongoing medical care and patient/family education and support. The course will be available until February 25, 2017 at EQIPP.

Immunizations. This course helps you identify immunization rates in your practice, barriers to immunization delivery systems, and techniques to overcome those barriers through the use of expert principles and proven QI methods and tools. The course will be available until February 11, 2019 at EQIPP.

Judicious Use of Antibiotics. This course can ​​​help guide physicians on judicious use of antibiotics based on accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, as well as how to educate families about appropriate antibiotic prescribing. If proper diagnosis and treatment of common pediatric conditions are followed, fewer antibiotics will be ordered and those that are prescribed will be in the narrow-spectrum category, thus improving cost efficacy, limiting the potential for antibiotic resistance, and improving the quality of care for the child. The course will be available until April 11, 2019 at EQIPP.​​

Medical Home. This course helps you create improvement plans to address gaps in key activities of the medical home. The EQIPP Medical Home Practice Survey is useful to periodically evaluate practice capacity and readiness to transform itself into an effective, high-quality medical home. The course will be available until November 26, 2017 at EQIPP.

​Oral Health. This course was recently revised and is consistent with Bright Futures Guidelines. It discusses the importance of the dental home, caries risk assessment, anticipatory guidance, and fluoride varnish application. All dental home activities can be done by pediatric health care providers in their office. The course will be available until June 1, 2019 at EQIPP.