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Speakers with state health departments, AAP Chapters, clinicians, and others who work in the field of maternal and child health share their lessons learned about the use of the Bright Futures Guidelines, tools, and related resources in these brief audio records (2 to 5 minutes each).

Implementing Medical Home Concepts Through Learning Collaboratives
Diane Bryan, Improvement Coach, Arizona Chapter
Using Bright Futures Guidelines to Train Early Childhood Professionals
Rachel Sacks, MPH, Manager, Early Childhood Development, Illinois Chapter
Adapting Bright Futures Materials to Meet State Needs
Amy Belisle, MD, Maine Quality Counts
Raising Awareness of Bright Futures Among Health Care Professionals
Deborah S. Aquino, Title V/Maternal and Child Health Program Manager, Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health
Partnering to Implement Bright Futures Guidelines
Christopher A. Kus, MD, MPH, Associate Medical Director, Division of Family Health, New York State Department of Health
Integrating Bright Futures Into Electronic Health Records
Joyal Meyer, RN, MSN, MCH Nurse Consultant, North Dakota Department of Health
Engaging Parents With the Well-Visit Planner
Christina Bethell, Director, Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative
Creating Strong Quality Improvement Partnerships
Colleen Reuland, Director, Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership
Using Bright Futures to Create a Common Language to Promote Children’s Health
Breena Holmes, MD, Director, Maternal and Child Health, Vermont Department of Health
Promoting Developmental Screening Through Peer-to-Peer Training
Maria Nardella, Manager, Healthy Starts and Transitions, Washington State Department of Health

 Bright Futures Videos

 About Bright Futures

If you are new to the Bright Futures Guidelines, this 2-minute video provides information you need to get started using the Bright Futures recommendations in your health promotion and disease prevention practices and with programs and families in your community.

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